A downloadable game

Platformo becomes aware of their existence and begins to ask questions. Why are they inside a video game? Why do they have to complete platforming trials? Who is the creator? Help Platformo discover the answers to these questions, even if the truth is terrifying.

Caution! Platforming Ahead is an obstacle filled platformer featuring challenging, bite-sized levels. The obstacles begin with pitfalls, tricky jumps, and basic enemies before quickly introducing a variety of platforming tropes that pay tribute to the genre. Players must first collect a key to unlock the exit before moving onto the next level. Each stage will have a challenge token to be collected, as well. 

The full game will feature:

  • Gamepad support
  • 88 bite-sized levels in the game's story mode
  • 80 collectible challenge tokens that open 20 additional challenge levels
  • Additional surprises will unlock after beating the story
  • Various achievements to pad... ahem,  extend your time with the game

Caution! Avoid all yellow objects.